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Six Flags Wild Safari Inv

at Six Flags Great Adventure & Wild Safari, Jackson, NJ

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Will be sanctioned for NJ, NY, PA, DE, MD, VA, CT.  Email us if you are from any
other state and we’ll get that state sanctioned as well.

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Entry Info

Online entry will open June 15.    You can enter to hold your spot and then wait up until two weeks (Sept 13th) before the event to make your final roster changes.  We do expect your school check or a school purchase order for payment as soon as rosters are set.  
Remember, once we have 150 boys teams, entry will close.  It is the same for the girls.  For Elementaryt School, we will close if we hit 200 runners.  Middle School teams, entries will close after we reach 25 teams.  Hold your spot early.  Read below to learn how to register.  
If you know how to enter, skip to bottom of page.
We will be using the online system put together by  Here is how it works.  Remember, you can enter starting June 15th.  
How do I register for the meet?
  1. Login or Register – You must have a user name and password for Milesplit. To get that, if you don’t have one, click register in the top right gray MileSplit bar directly under the Universal Sports logo and search box.
  2. Claim Your Team – If you haven’t already set this up, you must be registered as a coach or team administrator to register for a meet In order to get set up, you go to your team page, and at the top right, click “Claim This Team”. Choose either that you want to be a coach or team admin. Follow the instructions on that page. \ Apply and submit. Once you do that and are approved (usually within a few hours), you will receive a confirmation email and you’ll be set to go to the next step.
  3. Update Your Roster – If your team’s roster is not already up to date, now is a good time to get any corrections made and add any additional athletes to it. Go to your team page, login, and you will see button that says “Team Administration” to the right of your team’s name. Click that and then click roster on left hand toolbar. Enter or update your roster, adding any new athletes. To move graduated athletes to Alumni, simply add their graduation year and hit save.
  4. Enter the Meet – Go to the season calendar and click on the green meet registration button of the meet you want to enter. Read and follow the instructions carefully and fill out the form completely. Once entered you’ll see all of the available events/races listed out. To put your athletes into these events/races click the “Edit Entries” link by the event. On the following page, check the athletes you want in the race (putting in seed times if applicable), and click the save button at the bottom. Do this for each event/race. You will be able to change and update these entries until the entry deadline.
We have three different meets listed due to the fact each will reach it’s limit at a different time.  You can only sign up for the boys in the Six Flags Wild Safari Invitational – Boys race, the girls in the Six Flags Wild Safari Invitational – Girls race and boys and girls middle school in the Six Flags Wild Safari Invitational – Middle school race.  With that in mind, starting on June 15th, click on the correct race and enter.  All three will be available on June 15th.
Six Flags Wild Safari Invitational – Boys  this is for Varsity, JV and Freshman boys races
Six Flags Wild Safari Invitational – Girls  this is for Varsity, JV and Freshman girls races
Six Flags Wild Safari Invitational – Middle School this is for both boys and girls middle school races
No Elementary School race in 2018.
Make checks out to: Six Flags Wild Safari Inv and send to:
Six Flags Wild Safari XC Inv
PO Box 5035, Kendall Park, NJ 08824
Please make sure your business office does not send the check or make it out to Six Flags.